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The school newsletter is an excellent way to stay informed about the school community, important dates and special events.  Laidley SHS has now moved to an online subscription service which allows an interactive platform for parents and students.

The latest Laidley SHS Newsletter

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QSchools free app:

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Copies of the previous version of the school newsletter can be downloaded below. The school newsletter is also available via the following:

Laidley SHS Facebook page

Newsletters from Laidley District State School are also available.


newsletter-2016-03-18.pdfNewsletter 18 March 2016newsletter-2016-03-1818/03/20164110 KB
newsletter-2016-02-08.pdfNewsletter 8 February 2016newsletter-2016-02-088/02/20164588 KB
newsletter-2015-12-09.pdfNewsletter 9 December 2015newsletter-2015-12-099/12/20154184 KB
newsletter-2015-11-19.pdfNewsletter 19 November 2015newsletter-2015-11-1919/11/20151836 KB
newsletter-2015-10-23.pdfNewsletter 23 October 2015newsletter-2015-10-2323/10/20151982 KB
newsletter-2015-09-17.pdfNewsletter 17 September 2015newsletter-2015-09-1717/09/20151575 KB
newsletter-2015-08-20.pdfNewsletter 20 August 2015newsletter-2015-08-2020/08/20152627 KB
newsletter-2015-07-30.pdfNewsletter 30 July 2015newsletter-2015-07-3030/07/20151995 KB
newsletter-2015-06-18.pdfNewsletter 18 June 2015newsletter-2015-06-1818/06/20152214 KB
newsletter-2015-05-28.pdfNewsletter 28 May 2015newsletter-2015-05-2828/05/20152737 KB
newsletter-2015-05-07.pdfNewsletter 7 May 2015newsletter-2015-05-077/05/20153049 KB
newsletter-2015-03-26.pdfNewsletter 26 March 2015newsletter-2015-03-2626/03/20153695 KB
newsletter-2015-03-05.pdfNewsletter 3 March 2015newsletter-2015-03-055/03/20152398 KB
newsletter-2015-02-17.pdfNewsletter 17 February 2015newsletter-2015-02-1717/02/20153371 KB