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Camps and excursions

Junior and Senior students have opportunities to participate in a variety of camps and excursions as a part of their curricular and extra curricular programs.  These are an important aspect of the school learning program as they enable students to learn about real life concepts through first hand experience and apply their classroom learning to real world situations. Here are some of the camps held at Laidley SHS:

Year 7 & 8 Self-Development Camp & Ropes Course

This camp is designed for junior students who are entering Laidley SHS giving them the opportunity to move out of their comfort zones and have a go at any opportunities that come their way.  While the activities are designed to be fun, junior students are learning new skills and talk about their experiences for years to come.


STRIVE not only links to our school motto 'Strive to Excel' but is also an acronym for the qualities students strengthen whilst being included in the STRIVE Program.

Self-Control & Self-Worth, Tolerance & Teamwork, Reliability & Relationships, Identity & Industry, Values & Vigour, Energy & Encouragement (STRIVE)

Selected students throughout all year levels participate in this program to develop skills in these areas to encourage students to have a go and give their all.

Camp Kokoda

As part of the SURGE Program, a group of SURGE students are pushed outside their personal boundaries to the limit.  Focussing on the importance of operating as a close-knit team, of accepting and embracing each other’s strengths and weaknesses students take on the challenge with energy, resilience and compassion. They bond quickly and learn whole-heartedly skills to support each other in some extreme situations.

Emu Gully Senior Leadership Camp

This camp is designed for senior students to embark on a leadership journey that is both fun and challenging. 

The activities are purpose built for developing teamwork and leadership qualities and are typically based around epic ANZAC events.

Senior Biology Camp

During this camp, the Senior Biology students undertake an extended experimental investigation that spans across eight weeks of a chosen topic.  A variety of subjects are chosen by students and like true scientists they test numerous variables.  The Biology Camp sets the foundations for future ecologists with Laidley SHS and is always an enjoyable experience for all participants.