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Performance and achievements

Our school has achieved excellent Senior academic and vocational outcomes and as a result is recognised as a high performing school in both the academic and vocational areas.  The Year 12 senior outcomes compare very well to Queensland benchmarks and against our six neighbouring state and non state high schools.  Our focus is on continuous improvement and this is evident in the strong performance and improvement in student academic, vocational and Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE outcomes over recent years.

Comparison to other local high schools

The information below shows how Laidley State High School has performed in key Year 12 indicators and how it ranks in comparison to other local high schools (including Faith Lutheran College, Lockyer District SHS, Lowood SHS, and Rosewood SHS).
Performance Criteria
2015 Laidley SHS Performance
Explanatory Comments
Ranking Against Other Local High Schools
OP in the 1-15 range
81% of OP eligible students
Students in this range are generally likely to quality to attend university
Overall 2nd
OP in the 20-25 range
0% of OP eligible students
Students in this range have chosen an OP pathway and their OP will generally not quality them to attend university in any course. 
Equal 1st
QCE, SAT or QCIA Qualifications Achieved
100% of Year 12 students
Students have completed or earned one or more of these Senior qualifications by the end of Year 12.
Equal 1st
QTAC University Offer Received
96% of QTAC Applicants Receive a Course Offer
These OP eligible students applied to enrol in a university course and received an offer from QTAC.
Overall 2nd
Certificate III Qualifications
37% of Year 12 students completed a Cert III qualification
These students have completed a Certificate III course before they graduated Year 12.
Overall 1st
School Based Traineeship or Apprenticeship
14% of Year 12 students completed a SAT
These students have completed a School based Apprenticeship or Traineeship before they graduated Year 12.
Overall 2nd


Continuous improvement is being achieved through:

  1. high quality teaching
  2. tailored and flexible course selection
  3. positive partnerships with other education and training providers
  4. close monitoring of student progress
  5. targeted support and intervention
  6. social, emotional and learning support and development


Key senior outcomes include:

Strong academic performance

  • Ayanna Pocock achieving an OP1 in 2015.
  • 81% OP 1-15.  This is a new record for our school.
  • 97% QCE attainment.  Once again a new record achievement for our school.
  • School ranks in the top 25% of all Queensland Secondary school for OP 1-15 in 2 of the past 4 years.
  • Approximately one quarter of our Year 12 students progress onto university studies.

Strong vocational performance

  • More than 55% of Year 12 students graduated having successfully completed one or nationally recognised Certificate II, III or IV level qualifications.
  • Of the past 5 years our school ranks in the top 25% of all Queensland schools for Certificate II or higher.
  • 39% of students graduating in 2015 completed a Certificate III or Certificate IV VET qualification.  Our school ranks in the top 25% of all Queensland schools in 3 of the past 4 years in this area.

Strong QCE and SATs attainment

  • Outstanding QCE attainment! 97% of 2015 Year 12 students earned their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) or QCIA (for selected students with a disability.
  • The 100% of Indigenous Year 12 students earned their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).


Overall school achievements include:

Strong school engagement

  • More than 268 students received Silver or Gold ASPIRE medallions for consistently high or outstanding performance in Achievement, Learning Engagement or Attendance during 2016.  More than 2300 Silver High Performance and Gold Excellence Certificates and 200 Bronze Improvement Certificates were issued during our four ASPIRE Award parades during 2015.
  • Significantly increased attendance - up by 2.3%.  The attendance rate of 88.3% is the best result achieved since tracking data in 2009.
  • Significantly improved level of achievement in Mathematics, English and Science in Junior Secondary in 2015.
  • NAPLAN performance showed a significant improvement in the number of students achieving the National Minimum Standard, particularly in Mathematics, our 2016 focus is improving the proportion of students in the Upper 2 Bands of NAPLAN.
  • Significant improvement has been made in Junior Secondary with the proportion of students achieving a pass (A-C grade) in Mathematics, English and Science.

Positive community opinions

Staff, student and parent opinions about our school have continued to improve over recent years and now are generally better than state and 'like school' benchmarks in most areas of the annual Education Queensland School Opinion Survey.  Key responses include:

  • 2015 School Opinion Survey (SOS) results indicate very high levels of satisfaction with our school: 100% of parents and 98% of staff stated that "this is a good school".  This is above state and 'like school' benchmarks.
  • 90% of students state they like being at our school, a result above 'like school' benchmarks.
  • 85% of parents and 77% of students report that behaviour is well managed in our school, results above 'like school' benchmarks.
  • 95% of staff report positive staff morale, well above state and 'like school' benchmarks.


Strategic focus for 2016

Expert Teaching – investing in coaching, mentoring, feedback and professional development of our teachers and support staff to provide high quality teaching and learning.  2016 is a significant year for our school with the implementation of a Bring Your Own Device Program for Year 8 to 12 students.  Parents worked closely with the school to ensure that their students came to school with all of the materials required for learning.
A Strong Learning Culture – ensuring that our school is focussed on high academic achievement, particularly in the areas of literacy and numeracy and 100% school attendance.
Successful Transitions and Destinations – expecting, enabling and supporting senior students to achieve success in appropriate learning pathways so they are able to make a range of choices about participation in further education and employment upon leaving school.
A Positive and Productive School Community – further enhancing our positive school culture where learning is highly valued, students feel safe and well supported, effort and success is celebrated and our school community values and participates in our school.